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Aptera: Car of the Future

Remember the Jetsons?

Check out the new efficient car by Apetra.

Aptera have pledged to develop the most efficient car…..

From their site:

“When you work towards something you love, your efforts don’t seem like work at all. At Aptera, our efforts are toward creating the world’s most efficient vehicles. We love the promise of a bright future and believe that by thinking more efficiently today, we make tomorrow that much brighter.”

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Adidas Augmented Reality Game Shoe

Adidas will release a new shoe that launches a virtual augmented reality game where you use the shoe as a controller.

You hold the shoe up to your web cam when on a website and a virtual reality site pops up in front of you where you can  play a game and navigate by moving the shoe…Three games will be launched including a skating game. The games were developed by 3d game developers xForm.

For more innovative uses of augmented reality check these other examples out.

SRC: Wired

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Amazing Animation + Street Art

This takes both street art and animation to a different level!

Much more cool stuff like this on the Wooster Collective street art blog:

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Worlds first digi novel: Level 26

Level 26

Anthony Zuiker, the creator of CSI is launching “the world’s first digi-novel” called Level 26.See the official trailer.

Each book has a “cyber-bridge” which is “like getting a move inside every book”…whereby every 20 pages you get codes which unlocks broadcast quality video footage on the website.

The site also has community features including a forum where people can suggest ideas for future books and discuss the characters and story line of the first book.There is also a live chat room and a blog.

Interesting approach – could this be the modern day book club?

I would be very curious to know what percentage of people who have bought the book engage access the video content and view/enagage with the community section.

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Internet Concept in 1934?

The visionary Paul Otlet in his work the “Treatise on Documentation” written in 1934 portrayed a very early picture of computers and the internet.

Check out his idea about the “televised book”

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Nike LiveLong Chalkbot for Cancer

Nike and Lance Armstrong Unite to Inspire and Mobilize the World in the Fight Against Cancer with the It’s All About You campaign by Nike.

The site has a lot of videos where people who have been affected by cancer can tell their story.

But for me, the coolest part of this project would have to be the Tour de France LiveLong Chalkbot.

You can spread messages of hope about cancer and cancer survival by sending a tweet, message via the site or SMS to the Nike LiveStrong chalkbot. A robot/machine which drws your message on the roads of the Tour de France.

Check out the photo-gallery whih displays a lot of these messages.

See how it works here:

More information about this campaign can be found on the YouTube page with a TVC for this campaign.

This campaign is very cool, it delights and engages and spreads awareness about the cancer experience.

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Clever bus stop ad – Amnesty International

Excellent campaign by Amnesty International in Germany.

It’s a bus shelter sign which has a video camera in it which can detect when people are looking at the sign. When the camera detects people are looking at the sign, a happy looking couple are displayed. When you turn away from the sign, the image changes to show a photo of the same guy hitting the woman.

The message is powerful “It happens when no-one is watching

SRC: Gizmodo

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