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Collaborative Storytelling

Nice little site called Storybird for collaborative storytelling.

Great for school classes or just some fun.

Some great illustrations so far.

Check it out.


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Augmented Reality Shopping app

Interesting augmented reality shopping app by Zugara allows you to “virtually” try on clothes using your web-cam. It uses motion detection to allow you to navigate the clothing  collection.

Cool technology but I am just not sure how you can tell whether your bum looks big in that?!

See how it works here:

SRC: Marketing Vox

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52 Things u can do with Google

List of 52 offerings from Google – Find a new thing to do with Google today.

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Web 2.0 online office apps

Good article in Australian IT which looks at different web 2.0 online office apps…called
Fitting out the Online Office

They look at some different options and flag ThinkFree as the best bet…

which upon inspection is actually BigPond office….interesting….

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