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UN Voices Campaign Case Study – Talking Posters | Digital Buzz Blog

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Read more about this campaign on the Digital Buzz Blog


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Krafts New Iphone App

Just spotted this ad in Advertising Age post about Kraft’s new Iphone app – the Ifood assistant.

Users pay 99c to download the app which gives them recipes (using Kraft products), instructional videos and ….advertising.

Interestingly it is being used as a way of finding out information about  users as well:

“For now, Mr. Kaczmarek said Kraft is using the data to understand when and how consumers are shopping, what they’re making, and which ingredients they prefer. Since users need to sign in to Kraft Foods before downloading recipes and shopping lists, that information is sent directly to the company, allowing Kraft to gather information on which recipes are the most popular and which ingredients are most used. Kraft is, of course, running ads throughout the app, some before the instructional videos and some with searches.”

I guess it’s a matter of time till Kraft implement targeted advertising on their platform. For example, if I always queried wheat-free food the app may highlight gluten-free products to me. Users are able to forgive advertising if the app provides utility but advertising is even less intrusive if it’s useful. This is hopefully where things are heading….or it should be!

From the post:
What iFood Assistant can teach marketers

  1. Consumers are willing to pay for utility and convenience.
  2. They will share personal information in exchange for useful ideas.
  3. Use information gathered in a targeted manner.
  4. Look for the “sweet spot” of what your brand can offer consumers.
  5. Mirroring Apple software is a selling point.”

David Armano talks about this in terms of the “3 U’s”  in relation to what he calls the Application Economy. There’s lots of related discussion on David’s blog.


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Pucker Up for Kiss Cam

Site for Mentos called Kiss Cam.

Select your kiss object and review a video content romantic scene, then allow the site access to your web cam, drag a Mentos into your love objects mouth and pucker up.

Pretty funny to see your “love object” pucker up as you lean in….

Made me laugh out loud.


There’s also an associated banner ad, or two that form a part of this campaign.

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Advertising Today

Good article on the New York Times called Multiscreen Mad Men.

It contains feedback about advertising on the m any available screens today by leading online advertisers.

The contributors:

“JACK HITT is a contributing writer. BENJAMIN PALMER is the C.E.O. of the Barbarian Group, an Internet advertising and marketing firm based in Boston. He helped create the ‘‘Subservient Chicken’’ online campaign for Burger King. LARS BASTHOLM is a chief creative officer at AKQA, where he has worked on campaigns for Xbox, Coca-Cola and Motorola. ROBERT RASMUSSEN is the executive creative director of the Nike account at R/GA, an agency that specializes in digital media. He has created campaigns for ESPN, Sega and JetBlue”

A number of products are discussed and the various contributors suggest ways of revamping these brands for todays markets.

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Carlton Dry: Team Dry Campaign

Awesone campaign by beer company Carlton Dry – Team Dry.


It was launched a little while ago..but better late than never right?

This campaign by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne is pretty amusing and cool.

I was led to this site not by a web marketing blog but by a TV ad….a more common scenario now that online is finally getting the ad spend it should and above the line spend is now pointing to the web.
(Hence the late noticing of the campaign – I don’t watch a lot of TV)

Meet some “wizards of the trivial” on the sites theme video who form the Team Dry Team. A team with special skills that are sponsored by Carlton.

For example: meet the Jumpers below.

There’s also a UGC component to this campaign via a competition….join the Team Dry team and get sponsored.

Pick up a 50K sponsorship for a “pointless skill…the type of thing that nobody in their right mind would pay you to do. Carlton Dry will pay you to do it.”

Check out a guy playing the recorder with his nose.

Or the chick with the dancing eyebrows.

Or things you can do with a fat head

Pretty silly but an example of a UGC campaign and an example of an integrated campaign with a rich media online component,  where a company uses above the line ad spend to point online.

Have you a special skill?

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Great Campaign by Trojan

It forms part of MTV’s Viacom network. Using the online channel is a perfect fit for their target demographic.

The brand has aligned themselves with a relevant and important social issue:  pregnancy amongst young adults.

Social media is key to this site – it encourages commentary and conversation whereby users can upload their own videos and engage with the topic of safe sex. The site provides a platform for them to engage with each other and the topic.

There is an artist showcase as well where artists and musicians express their message about safe sex.

It also has a quiz about safe sex, take a pledge to have safe sex, and users can also donate condoms through interacting with the site.

They  have also considered some viral mechanisms:

It has  an embeddable widget and all video content is also embeddable leading to viral seeding around the web.

It’s engaging and bang on for the target demographic.

Nice work.

Src: AdWeek

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Word Your Message Well

Lovely little short film on Scott Goodson’s blog reminding us just how important it is to word our messages well!

Video Here

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