What is user experience design

I am undertaking a masters by research in user experience design (IT/HCI) looking at the role design artifacts can play within UXD.
(Hence my infrequent blogging these days.)

Here is a little presentation I prepared for one of my research preparation classes.
Please leave me a comment if you like it.




  1. Erietta said

    Hi Jax
    I came across this related blog post the other day with some great slides on UX design: http://blogs.veracitysolutions.com/design-visuals-from-robby-ingebretsen/.
    The images are from a MIX 09 conference talk, availble online. The slides featured are in the second presentation.

    Thanks for sharing your course work.


    • jacqueline said

      Thanks for the link Erietta….
      I relate to your comment about the bubbles and career progression

    • jacqueline said

      Thanks for that.
      My course is actually all self- directed research
      hard work at times!

  2. […] es la presentación de Jax Wechsler sobre el Diseño de la Experiencia de Usuario. Una síntesis muy interesante de su último trabajo […]

  3. It’s wonderful how you’re explained my every day work 😉 Congratulations!

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