Disneyland Iguide App by Walkee

AppCraver report a new iphone app to assist your visit to Disneyland: Disneyland iGuide by Walkee

The app can be used for planning your trip,  during your visit, and can allow you to add your own notes and photos from your visit to review after your visit.

Through addressing, all stages of a persons engagement at Disneyland – before, during and after – and for a price of $2.99, this application is well considered and useful to the consumer.

Whilst on location, GPS features can help you get from attraction to attraction.

Select what you would like to visit, including rides, diners, and toilets and see them displayed on a map, which according to the company lets you zoom in closer than any other available map of the park.

Additionally, the app allows users to share information about their experience at the park with each other through the application. For example, they can record and share their wait in lines for rides…and other up to the minute details.

You can also record your pathway through the park, making notes and snapping photos which gets associated with your location and can be accessed via the map. (I love geo – spacial organising of content!)

The next version of the app will also include social media integration, for example posting pix to facebook.

A nice way to remeber and share your visit to Disneyland with others.


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