Cute RSPCA Campaign: Million Purrs

Did you know in the past year, the RSPCA cared for more than 69,000 cats across Australia?
I am raising money through Million Purrs to help the RSPCA continue their work with our feline friends.

You can help the RSPCA by sponsoring my cat through Million Purrs.

Meet Pookle my virtual cat. You can buy her a virtual gift and help raise much needed money for the RSVP.


The site has a virtual world and chat facility.

It’s a cute idea but execution could do with some work (just in my opinion).

I did like the avatar creation tool though.



  1. Thanks for supporting Million Purrs! As this is the first year we’ve run Million Purrs, I’d love to hear any and all feedback so we can improve the user experience in the future – let me know via Twitter (@RSPCAau) or email (

  2. Tractor said

    RSPCA would have killed nearly all those cats. RSPCA Qld kill 12,000 dogs a year. RSPCA are animal control, not animal care. RSPCA have bullied Governments into giving them an Act of parliament to administer, they have police powers and no supervision. Google “stanford prison experiment” to learn why RSPCA have gone rogue. Then google “rspca corruption” or “rspca poodles” o “rspca dark side” to learn how rogue RSPCA have become.

    • Cassie said

      No they do not rspca cares for the animals not kill them i believe that the rspca does a fantastic job at saving and caring for pets. I have 3 cats and they have come from the rspca for over 10 years. and they are completely fine. so u might want to tthink about the that next time u argue with rspca.

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