Inspiring: Tim O’Reilly on Web 2 – 5 Yrs On

Tim O'ReillyJust watched a video of a presentation by Tim O’Reilly from Web 2 Expo SF called
Web2ExpoSF 09: Tim O’, “O’Reilly Radar”” which was really inspiring and on the money.
Tim talks about the web “growing smarter” and the possibilities and potential yielded by our new found ability to extract meaning from data, and to work collaboratively to evolve useful and valuable applications.

He discusses the use of sensors and through showcasing a few applications illustrates how the web has evolved  far beyond the keyboard and the desktop.(I have written previously about this previously:  mobile connecting real and cyber space).

Read & Write Web have a write up about 5 of the apps he demo-ed called-  5 apps he demo-ed that point the way. He also demonstrates the Google App on the Iphone : you can check out a video about Google Mobile app here. 

I thought the AMEE application was very interesting. as it aggregates data offline (from sensors in electrical devices) in a meaningful way online. The AMEE site states that:

“To measure the “carbon foot print” of everything on earth requires a neatral  aggregation platform – AMEE is that platform”

AMEE aggregates sensor data from smart electrical meters, monitoring energy usage in homes. The data received from the sensors within electrical equipment is so specific, it allows for the identification of the make and model of devices and can subsequently suggest new more efficient models. Check out their site for more details about this.

He also uses the Obama campaign as another example of how we are using technology to shape the real world. There has been a lot of banter about this campaign that I am sure you are familiar with.

His presentation discusses how the  web is really starting to go to work yielding something very new and different, enabling human kind to use technology and the web to make a difference! (Now this is a topic that I am very interested in)

Utilising the dated power grids of the past we have managed to do so much more than our predecessors, so too with the internet we have already developed  systems and started behaviors which can be utilised, developed and evolved further to yield beneficial and real world outcomes.

We need to focus on the power of less – start simple and let systems evolve, through collaboration and improvements by others. Take Twitter for example as an exmaple – Twitter does one thing well and others have created sister applications to supliment it’s functionality. This is the model he is endorsing.

He notes the value of collaboration, and that this wonderful flowering of innovation via the technology community  is something that we have created together, and that we should continue to create, and evolve each others products to create value in this challenged world of ours.

You can check out the video for yourself here.


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