Thoughts on Social Marketing

I have just read an interesting interview by Kristin Gorski on Flooring the Consumer titled “Social Media Series: Kristen Gorski on Bridging New and Old“. Kristin is a journalist and blogger.

Kristin has raised some very interesting points, some of which I have discussed and supplemented with my own thoughts below:

1. Social Media Marketing is a long term strategy and there needs to be a genuine desire to talk to the consumer within the organisation. It can not be another checkbox on the list without commitment from the organisation for it to be a successful initiate.

2. Users are looking for something useful. David Armano talks  about creating applications with usefulness  (the 3 u’s) for the “Application Economy“. People are not necessarily loyal to your product, they are looking for value, and if you can provide them something useful they will reward you with their attention.

3. Humans are social creatures and social media marketing should be considered in a tangible manner. I went to a talk recently that discussed how for many, the web could be considered the “third place” in our lives – the place that is not home and not work  but an informal gathering place (See the slides here).

In developing sticky properties for the web we need to ask how can we use this “third place” to help people with their real world journeys? The web should not be seen as a separate space to the real world but as an adjunct. The most successful web tools help people with real world tasks, real world relationships, real world purchases, information for real world scenarios, and not to forget the manifesting of dreams in the real world: think travel planning tools for example, or searching for a university.

I particularly liked this quote from the interview with Kirsten:

“One last point: social media is simply a set of tools. As such, these tools should help people do real things in the brick-and-mortar world. The social media world is not just a virtual world, it is an extension of our flesh-and-blood lives. When we forget this, social media loses relevancy; when social media complements our work, communities, and friendships, we become more powerful and effective. Companies that use social media in just the right way could see more connection and relevance to their users’ lives, too.”


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  1. I really like it. Those points are really interesting and I must say they are concise. I love the emphasis that social media marketing is a long term strategy. As the matter of fact, it is a long term strategy because it is a continuous work. Interaction, communicating with others and as time goes, it changes. the quote stated is direct to the point and it is well said..

  2. Thanks very much for picking up on the interview with Kristin and amplifying on her points. Your first one about a genuine desire to want to talk with customers is so critical and obvious, and yet many miss it completely. I like how you discuss usefulness. And, you’re right, the web is turning into a 3rd place – friendly, social, thoughtful engaging and very interesting. Wonderful points. Thank you!

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