12 to 12K : changing the world through social media


“The 12 for 12,000 Challenge is the combination of social media and fund-raising that aims to change the lives of millions worldwide.”

The 12 for 12K challenge is the brainchild of Danny Brown.

The idea:

  • 12 months
  • 12 charities
  • 1200 people
  • $10 per person
  • $12,000 per charity

What price another human being’s life? Make the choice. Make the difference.

You can view the promotional video here.

Danny has reached out to the Twitter community and is using a FaceBook group to gain awareness about this campaign.

He writes on his FaceBook group:

“For instance, if all the people or brands that followed me on Twitter donated $10 each month, that would be over $16,000 every month and almost $200,000 by the end of the year. That’s just one person. Imagine if we could encourage our followers to join us, as well as ask the help of some of the big guys on Twitter that have several thousand followers? Just one or two extra people each could make all the difference.

Then there is this FaceBook group that I encourage you to invite others to join. The potential for raising some much-needed money is obvious – we have a chance to really make a change.”

This month they are raising money for Stop the Silence – a charity dealing with the sexual abuse of children.

Go on, what are you waiting for? Why don’t you start by telling your network about this!

A colleague has just pointed me to this interesting post by Hildy Gottlieb titled: “Social Media Fundraising: Unsustainable, Scarcity-Based Begging?”.

Hildy discusses how social media can be utilised in a more sustainable way rather than merely as a mechanism for acquiring  impulse donations, whereby social media could be better used as an awareness tool rather than just a race to pre-defined a set charity amount.



  1. […] 12 to 12K : changing the world through social media – Jax points to a noteworthy fundraising effort […]

  2. […] 12 to 12K : changing the world through social media – Jax points to a noteworthy fundraising effort […]

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