Real-time Data Mash-Up About Fires in Victoria


Over the weekend Victoria has had some horrific fires with many casualties. I found this map-mash-up which I thought was a useful little application.

It’s also linked to some of my favourite themes ie using the web for humanitarian, good and useful applications – so I thought this little app was worth noting.

I am very keen on real time masp mash-ups and think the Google API is brilliant for quickly and easily creating visualisations of this type of real time information. Now that the web is becoming more and more portable this type of application could be incredible useful out and about.

ALSO my heart goes out to the many victims of these fires!

You can donate through the Red Cross here

“Timely help comes from the Google’s Australian engineers who have created a Flash map to keep track of the deadly bushfires and help take off the traffic load to web sites coordinating emergency services. The maps contain real-time information about the fire locations and their status from the State of Victoria’s Country Fire Authority (CFA) website via an RSS feed with address search functionality. The numbers on the map markers indicate the number of fires at that location and the colors represent the containment status of that site.”



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