Fake Authenticity Again!

SMH highlight another social media marketing hoax by Sydney’s strategic agency Naked.

Mumbrella write a scathing post about it here quoting Brendon Sinclair, of Queensland-based Tailored Web Services as saying:

“These clowns are screwing the Australian digital media landscape and giving everyone a bad name with their amateurish attempts at viral campaigns and use of social media. Here’s an idea I want to run past you people. Try, geeeez I don’t know… how about you try a little honesty? How about you actually engage your customers or market? How about you just be authentic? How about you get a clue?”

This type of fake authenticity is NOT what social media marketing is all about.

To their credit however – Adam Ferrier of the naked team has posted his mobile number on the comment and his happy to discuss despite the SMH’s claims that no-one from Naked would discuss….

The intrigue!

Interested in doing a viral? – here’s 10 tips for you.


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