Krafts New Iphone App

Just spotted this ad in Advertising Age post about Kraft’s new Iphone app – the Ifood assistant.

Users pay 99c to download the app which gives them recipes (using Kraft products), instructional videos and ….advertising.

Interestingly it is being used as a way of finding out information about  users as well:

“For now, Mr. Kaczmarek said Kraft is using the data to understand when and how consumers are shopping, what they’re making, and which ingredients they prefer. Since users need to sign in to Kraft Foods before downloading recipes and shopping lists, that information is sent directly to the company, allowing Kraft to gather information on which recipes are the most popular and which ingredients are most used. Kraft is, of course, running ads throughout the app, some before the instructional videos and some with searches.”

I guess it’s a matter of time till Kraft implement targeted advertising on their platform. For example, if I always queried wheat-free food the app may highlight gluten-free products to me. Users are able to forgive advertising if the app provides utility but advertising is even less intrusive if it’s useful. This is hopefully where things are heading….or it should be!

From the post:
What iFood Assistant can teach marketers

  1. Consumers are willing to pay for utility and convenience.
  2. They will share personal information in exchange for useful ideas.
  3. Use information gathered in a targeted manner.
  4. Look for the “sweet spot” of what your brand can offer consumers.
  5. Mirroring Apple software is a selling point.”

David Armano talks about this in terms of the “3 U’s”  in relation to what he calls the Application Economy. There’s lots of related discussion on David’s blog.




  1. Nice to see them getting involved. I haven’t checked out the app yet, but why would I pay for branded content and advertising when I can get neither + a more extensive database at BigOven (and a heap of other apps)?

    • jacqueline said

      Good point re paying for apps – but at the end of the day 99c is very cheap and people are paying for apps.
      You do get additional functionality with this app plus integration with their web site which has additional tools.

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