Best Job in the World

I have been watching the Best Job in the World campaign unfold over the last few days and wanted to write about it in case you haven’t yet come across it.

Basically it a job opportunity to be a caretaker of an island in the Great barrier reef where you get paid $150K a year and blog a bit about snorkelling, diving, boating etc. You can see the JD here.

I was doing some research on travel related sites a few days ago and first found it posted on a travelers site

There was wide reach with travel related sites, discussion boards, and  blogs targeted to get the message out to the world and it worked.

It was  all over blogs, (Tech Crunch picked it up!),  twitter,  in UK and US newspapers and mentioned on local and overseas TV stations.

The job ad crashed the server it got so much traffic. (I believe they put this blogspot blog up when it crashed as an alternative.)

Applicants enter by posting a 60 second video explaining why they should get the job.

150K is a decent salary for island life but it is a small fee for the kind of talk-ability and traction this campaign has attained.

Interestingly the YouTube account which hosts the comp entries is linked to the islandreefjob YouTube channel which has numerous promotional videos about the island as well as interviews with people who live and “work above the reef“.

Within the current global economy it sure does makes sense to advertise working holidays. Sounds like a pretty good working life from my city office…and probably even better from the freezing UK!

It seems that Tourism QLD is getting into social media marketing in a big way. Not always well however.

Mumbrella have exposed some inauthenticity in a related social media marketing video by Tourism QLD. They uncovered that the video of a girl getting a tattoo of the great barrier reef on her arm in order to win the comp was a host. The girl was in fact an agency employee.

As the post notes: “Brands that create social media campaigns walk a tightrope when it comes to creating content to kickstart discussion.”

Would I be right to assume then that  this  job is real then?!


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