Your Say to the Aussie Fed Govt

The Australian federal government is asking for feedback from the public through a new blog site.

“The Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Conroy has announced that the Australian Government will develop a Future directions paper for the digital economy—a roadmap for Australian businesses, households and government to maximise participation in the digital economy. And we would like you to help us create the roadmap.

We want to hear your thoughts and ideas about the digital economy….We plan to release a draft of the paper for detailed feedback shortly; but in the meantime, it seemed logical to us to use one of the key communications platforms of the digital economy—blogs—as a way to engage with you and your ideas.”

Has Obama kicked off a new phenomenon for politics….there has been a lot of banter in the blogosphere about Obama’s Campaign 2.0 marketing.

On a local note I  recently noticed Malcolm Turnbulls twitter feed @turnbullmalcolm

Elsewhere in the world I have recently learnt that Iran’s president is a blogger. [SRC Laurel Papworth]

Anyway if you have any feedback for the Aussie federal government make sure you post them a comment here.


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