Carlton Dry: Team Dry Campaign

Awesone campaign by beer company Carlton Dry – Team Dry.


It was launched a little while ago..but better late than never right?

This campaign by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne is pretty amusing and cool.

I was led to this site not by a web marketing blog but by a TV ad….a more common scenario now that online is finally getting the ad spend it should and above the line spend is now pointing to the web.
(Hence the late noticing of the campaign – I don’t watch a lot of TV)

Meet some “wizards of the trivial” on the sites theme video who form the Team Dry Team. A team with special skills that are sponsored by Carlton.

For example: meet the Jumpers below.

There’s also a UGC component to this campaign via a competition….join the Team Dry team and get sponsored.

Pick up a 50K sponsorship for a “pointless skill…the type of thing that nobody in their right mind would pay you to do. Carlton Dry will pay you to do it.”

Check out a guy playing the recorder with his nose.

Or the chick with the dancing eyebrows.

Or things you can do with a fat head

Pretty silly but an example of a UGC campaign and an example of an integrated campaign with a rich media online component,  where a company uses above the line ad spend to point online.

Have you a special skill?

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  1. Mark said

    check out the link to me balancing things on my chin, including an otto bin. Cheers []

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