Asus New We.PC Community

I love it!

Asus, partnering with Intel, have just launched a new online community where they reach out to their possible consumers and asks them to suggest what they would like in new products.

“You Dream It. Asus Builds It. Intel Inside It.”

Users can suggest, rate and discuss ideas about new product features and I am sure that Asus and Intel are all ears.

There is also a blog in the community section where people an post content.

Suggestion involves choosing specifications plus a drawing/animation tool which users can use to illustrate their concepts.

Interestingly, within the form they use slide bars where users have to select what is most important from competing criteria eg. High Performance vs Low Price. This information is invaluable.

They segment suggestions into 3 different types of machines/markets eg. are you suggesting a notebook, net-book, or a gaming machine.

What they have  done is created a market research tool, provided a forum for R & D and a base for new product development, enabled a platform for the co-creation of product with consumers, and provided a forum for passionate brand advocates.

They are inviting passionate users to have their say and co-create innovative product….crowdsourcing the best new product ideas from users via the online community….

Bang on ASUS. Love it.

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