Australian net censorship..what the ?!

Servant of Chaos has posted about the Australian governments plans to begin IP filtering of content in an attempt to stop Australians from accessing illegal content! Apart form the fact that the technology they are dicussing is in-effective, the result will be lowered broadband speeds for everyone in Australia!

We have snail speeds as is!

Check out Gavin’s post here and write to the misnister and make sure you SIGN THE ONLINE PETITION!



  1. curly said

    I have just read about this and am outraged! If Australia goes down this path, the precedent will be set for other western liberal democracies to follow suit.
    I would fear even more for freedoms in “Big Brother” Britain, and elsewhere.

  2. jacqueline said

    I was shocked as well – I remember around the time of the Olympics there was a lot of media noise about the Chinese governments media censorship here in Oz, and I am quite annoyed to say that the Australian media haven’t been so vocal about these similar developments at home.
    It’s completely crap!
    One thing though that does get me a bit excited (hmm not sure if that’s the right word) but I am glad to see a lot of online activism, petitiions etc. and posts in the blogosphere and twitter where people are voicing their opposition. Unfortunately though, without the broadcast media picking it up most Aussies have little idea that this kind of thing is being considered by their government.

    Hmmm…have you considered that maybe these initiatives by governments are done in an attempt to stop online activism!

    Free Speech forever!!

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