Cause Marketing: Examples, Discussion and Stats

Haagan Dazs have created a cause marketing campaign to help endangered bees.

Bees are an endangered species and also a vital part of our ecology. Did you know that we rely on bees for one third of our food supply?

They have  a pretty little micro-site up at promoting the fact that honey bees are in danger and that you can help them help the bees by buying their “Bee-Dependent” flavours.

Through purchasing one of their “Bee-Dependent” flavours Haagan Daaz will contribute funds to help save the bees! The site is fun to use and has a download-able lesson plan. I think this gives it some authenticity and extends the campaign further than it being just a branding exercise.

The site has a viral mechanism – send a bee – where you can design your own bee avatar and send an e-card with a message to a friend.

My bee avatar

My bee avatar

They also have a bee shop where you can purchase merchandise and a percentage goes towards helping the bees.

I have written a bit on this blog outlining the benefits of cause marketing for brands. You can find some more ranting about cause marketing here, and some other examples of campaigns here: Nokia’s  N96 Campaign and Ben and Jerry’s Whirrld Peace Campiagn

According to research:

“KANSAS CITY (PR WEB) October 23, 2007 – The 2007 PR Week / Barkley Cause Survey reveals that philanthropic activities can drive business success. In fact, 72% of consumers say that they have purchased a brand because it supports a cause they believe in. Furthermore, corporate respondents say they see positive PR (65.3%), an increase in sales/retail traffic (26.7%) and an enhanced relationship with their target demographic (52%), as a result of their cause marketing efforts.”

Cause Marketing is not new. It began in the 1980’s when American Express kicked off a campaign whereby every time someone used one of their credit cards they would donate money to the Statue of Liberty fund (also their icon image – NB a well selected charity in line with their brand.)

Stats prove it…this is really where it’s at. Help the world – help your brand make money – and help consumers feel good about themselves. It really is a win – win!

Here is a list from 2004 listing many other examples of cause marketing and stats from as far back as the 80’s.

If you are interested in executing these types of campaigns for your business check out the Cause Marketing Forum, Market Watch also a very good post on the subject, and perhaps this article “Cause Marketing Tps: Boost Business by Giving Back” aimed at small businesses may help.


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