Cause Marketing: A new tool for marketeers

In line with my previous post – I have just noticed a post on MediaPost: Interpublic Unveils New Lab Initiative, Backs Platform That Links Brands With Social Networks

For some background: here is a video explaining what Social Vibe is.

From MediaPost:

“The system enables marketers to build relationships directly with individual users of social networks by making them offers that will create personal affinities for their brand….

At the heart of SocialVibe’s business model is a patented micro payment system that enables marketers to offer incentives–usually charitable donations to favored causes–directly to the members of social networks who promote their brands on their personal pages….

“We’ve tried a lot of different approaches, but charitable donations seem to be the most effective because they allow people to tap into marketing budgets to benefit the causes and charities they want to support,” says Marchese, who originally conceived SocialVibe’s micro payment system as a way that marketers could pay social network users directly for endorsing their brands.

The idea was to tap the explosive but latent marketing power of social networks, and turn the legions of social media users into individual brand endorsers. Marchese still believes there are untapped commercial applications to the system that will allow marketers and their agencies to discover new business models that connect individual online users with brands, but he says the charitable donations have so far proven most effective because many social media users are socially conscious and want to support charitable causes. SocialVibe simply allows them to tap into lucrative marketing budgets to do so. “

So get cracking Markateers – it’s now even easier to create branded cause campaigns that consumers can seed and promote for you!


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  1. Clinton David said

    Wounderful post in regards to “w business models that connect individual online users with brands, ” I find is and will be a nuisance for Turnkey operations.

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