AdAge Top 150

I noticed that Laurel Papworth has posted a list of Aussie bloggers who are in the Adage Power 150 – which lists the Advertising Age top Media and Marketing blogs from around the world and according to Laurel Papworth I am 17th out of the  Aussie contenders…but rather far down the list globally…cool and whatever…

Reading through some of the comments on Laurels post, I found some interesting links posted by Paull Young

OK so some people don’t see the point of blog lists – here’s a post by Paull detailing why you shouldn’t care about them. He also links to this post by the blogess which I thought was funny and wanted to share:

“Me:  Holy crap.  I just looked up my blog up Technorati and it says I’m in the top 5k.

Victor:  I have no idea what that even means.

Me:  It means that of the millions of blogs on technorati, mine is ranked as 4,966.

Victor:  Great!  So 4,965 people are better than you.

Me:  No. 4,965 bloggers are better than me.

Victor:  Well that’s…even less impressive.

Me:  It’s kind of a big deal.  Basically I’m in the top five thousand of a medium that, I dunno, probably 1% of the world actually knows exists.

Victor:  Oh yeah…sounds great.

Me:  So basically all I have to do is kill 4,965 bloggers and then I’m number one.*  Number one, baby!

Victor: What do you get if you’re number one?

Me:  Um…nothing.

Victor:  Ah.  Good luck on that whole killing-thousands-of-people-for-nothing plan.”

It is true we are human and have egos and like recognition and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Many people have contributed amazing things to the world driven by a desire for recognition….ego makes u human and can be a friend…and sometimes too your enemy.

For me blogging is more about logging and processing stuff that I find online, and logging these visits and my thoughts. If I didn’t post about it it would get lost in my inflated and chaotic delicious bookmarks. Sometimes I find something so cool and inspiring that I have to post it. I love it when this happens. I often refer back to posts months later when I am researching or need an example to show someone. It’s a web log after all… a cyber travel diary of sorts….

I do wish I had more time to write more considered posts more often…but making sure I have a life offline as well as online can make it a bit tricky….



  1. Matt Hames said

    The adage power 150, which is not surprisingly limited to 150 (I’m in the 500s, which means I get to say the absurd sentence, “I’m 500th in the AdAge 150 power blogs”), is based on who subscribes to the feed in a reader.

    I tell ya, we advertising people like awards enough that being the 500th blog in a listing of 150 blogs feels about right.

    BTW, I like your wonderings.

  2. Great. 150 more people to kill.

  3. Bart said

    Nice article JAX – right on i say!! – its not about how much money your going to make being No.1 – its called building a reputation for yourself in this space which is so F#&$ing important right now.

    Our Talent Scouts love to see this sort of information online and believe me it just shows how digitally switched on you are………


  4. Morgan said

    That’s fantastic Jax. Congratulations!

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