Whirrld Peace

A example of what I call cause marketing….and seem to be ranting a lot about these days.

Ben and Jerry’s partner with Peace One Day to host a John Lennon inspired “Peace-Bed-In”.

The campaign has a user generated inspire microsite Imagine Whirld Peace to promote their new ice cream flavour called “Whirld Peace” and promote the campaign

On the site you can upload your photo and join the photo mosaic peace sign with your own message for peace. 

From the press release:

Ben & JerryImagines Whirled Peace by Holding Bed-In to Recognize Todays Peace Movement Leaders….

Thirty-nine years ago today, John Lennon and Yoko Ono hosted a Bed-in For Peace using their celebrity-for-good to promote world harmony. This legendary event inspired an entire generation of people from around the world to think about peace during a critical time of war in 1969. Paying homage to these efforts during a time when the world is once again in conflict, Ben & Jerrys announced a joint effort with The Lennon Estate and Peace One Day, a non-profit organization focused on raising global awareness of the UN day of global ceasefire and non-violence on September 21st annually. The partners will host a modern-day Peace Bed-In to recognize leaders in todays movement.”


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  1. […] I have written a bit on this blog outlining the benefits of cause marketing for brands. You can find some more ranting about cause marketing here, and some other examples of campaigns here: Nokia’s  N96 Campaign and Ben and Jerry’s Whirrld Peace Campiagn […]

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