Activism: Coco Cola Campaign

A very interesting activist campaign has come to my attention: The Coco Cola Campaign

It was started by Simon Berry, Steve Bridger, and Paul Henderson.

The fact that you can purchase a Coco-Cola anywhere in the world, yet 1 in 5 kids die in Africa before the age of 5 led to the campaign idea.

The Idea: 

“That Coca Cola use their distribution channels (which are amazing in developing countries) to distribute rehydration salts. Maybe by dedicating one compartment in every ten crates as ‘the life saving’ compartment?”

You can check Simons blog for the extremely well documented story about the actions and results of the campaign as it happened…. post by  post.

Check out this impromptu interview video about the campaign. (where the use of Face Book within the campaign is discussed).

Here is a BBC interview about the campaign.

You can join the FaceBook group which was so instrumental to the success of this campaign.

Check out their and their Flickr page with UG photos.

They also have set up Google group

The campaign was nominated for New Media Awards

The campaign now has it’s own website at


There is a post on the sites blog about the face to face meeting they had with Salvatore Gabola (one of his many roles includes being the European chairperson for Coco Cola – see his employment history), where it was noted that

“SG was really interested on the online element of this campaign and thought that there should be more places where businesses and not-for-profit organisations can discuss matters of societal interest online. I can’t believe that this isn’t already happening but having said that, I don’t know of anywhere where it is. Anyone fancy taking this on?!”

Getting back to my rants on “cause marketing” I think these comments could be indicative of those of power brokers in large corporations.

Perhaps we don’t think that the people who make the decisions care enough about humanity to do good…so we don’t try and get them onside to help us.

Yes, access to the ears of these people is tricky, and I think getting the ear of  Salvatore Gabola was an instrumental achievement for this campaign.

Perhaps these powerful people need help to think outside their corporate boxes in order for them to realise some new ways that they could help their companies help others in a good way.

Just some food for thought.



  1. Thanks for linking to the campaign! We are hoping that by having an external facing website we will be able to attract a lot more attention and support, and with your links you are helping.

    Thanks again.

  2. Thanks very much for bring this to the attention of your readers – as you say the key to our success so far is the Facebook Group and people like you pointing people to it.

    With best wishes

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