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I put together some thoughts on a recent networking visit to London for the the Transfer Group enewsletter. It got sent out on an their e-newsletter database. If anyone wants to leave any comments… please use the comment form below… come on…u know u wanna. 

Check out the video and Transfers new approach to digital recruitment. They have a lot of integration happening with existing social networks and platforms (…and they are also cool folk should you be looking for digital work in Oz).

Column (Jax Wechsler)

We have been following Jax Wechsler a [Senior Producer] for a long time now and we bring to you her thoughts on the industry: I have just returned from a networking exercise in London as I am considering relocating there in the near future. Bart asked me to put a few thoughts together about my experience networking with agencies in London. I sent my CV and blog URL across to some different agencies and recruiters in London and was surprised just how many responses I got.

I can not stress just how much my blog has helped me get interviews both here and in London. Maintaining your own personal brand online is testimony that you can manage a client?s brand, as well as effectively communicate your interests, knowledge base and personality to prospective employers. In fact one of my recent London interviews came via a comment left on my blog by the head hunter of a global advertising agency.

I met with above the line agencies growing digital arms, a communications/strategy company, a small, purely digital agency that has just merged with a large global more traditional agency, purely digital marketing agencies, and another medium sized digital agency looking at reaching through the line. We chatted about agency structures, different roles, clients, processes, and the looming recession and its effect on digital marketing.

Some things I noticed were that many agencies were aggressively outgrowing their processes, many were having teething problems with new processes and educating non-digital suits and planners on digital processes, time frames, budgets and most importantly, thinking.

Additionally, the definition of roles was also extremely varied, some agencies had extremely loose JDs and others were extremely prescriptive. Project managers or producers? Account managers and producers/project managers or hybrid roles? And the golden question? who owns digital strategy? Hmm.. all fun and games really!

It seems that agencies are still changing and evolving as they refine their models, processes and services to better service their clients, as clients finally acknowledge the importance of engaging consumers in the digital channel. Clients realize that it’s not only cheaper but you get more bang for buck with more targeted campaigns and measurable ROI for their board members.

Many also believe that the ominous UK recession will not hit digital as clients will start spending TVC money on digital campaigns, and rich media adds online. Hence, many of them recognize that skilling up their agencies with passionate people with solid digital DNA is key! What can I say? This fantastic candidate market should be enough for you older readers to erase the dot com crash scars from your minds! So now for me it is sunny Sydney till I organize my visa!



  1. I have a feeling that agencies have no choice but to change their processes and approaches. Clearly consumers have already moved beyond the reach of traditional marketing, so maintaining relevance requires new efforts for new times. Sad to see you go, but I am sure it will be great for you!

  2. jacqueline said

    Yes I totally agree and I think there is also room for everyone i.e. agencies with differing approaches and specialities and hopefully more collaboration between people will result.
    Haven’t left yet… and I’ll definitely be back.
    Trade London grey for beautiful Sydney for keeps?! Hmm….

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