Brand Engagement Using Open APIs

There was a cool post on titled “Citizen journalism, Live from Disney World“.

It discussed Twisney, a cool little site that utilises Fickr and the Twitter API to enable people to post micro-blogs (tweets) and images from Disney World theme parks in Japan and the US.

Twisney– Broadcasting photos and live updates sent from guests and cast members inside the Disney Parks.”

Twisney overlays the tweets on a map of the park, and utilising Flickr displays photos taken at the park from mobile devices, which can be searched via tag and date.

How cool is it that we as digital marketers can leverage existing technology via open API’s to engage in conversation and co-creation with consumers. I mean developing this type of thing from scratch would be no mean feat, and it’s great that the geeks are openly sharing.

So, yes perhaps it’s the early adopters using this stuff now…but give it time (not much of it!) and take note!

Two thoughts:

1. Micro-blogging (twitter) as a mobile activity could have some cool and interesting marketing applications.

2. Utilising open API’s and existing platforms (eg using Flickr, Twitter etc.) are very cost effective tools for creating engagement, conversation, and co-creation with your brand advocates

And a third…

This would be cool at festivals too…fans, bands, promoters all tweeting….

(Also a good link to a list of apps using the Twitter API)


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