VW – What the People Want

The company who brought consumers the peoples car have launched a cross platform marketing initiative called “What the People Want”

The consumer INSIGHT:

” As we deal with the new generation of consumers — Gen X and Gen Y and even younger boomers — we’re in the era of ‘It’s all about me and my opinion. I want to be involved in the brands I buy and engage them as they engage me. I want them to listen to what I have to say.'”

SRC AdWeek : Volkswagen’s Public Polling Pays Off (http://tinyurl.com/3l478d)

The microsite http://vw.com/whatthepeoplewant enables people to suggest new poll questions and vote on existing polls. The UG content is published to banner ads across the web, which are placed on semantically relevant web pages. There is also a list on Pandora where people can vote on music for the 2 the “What the People Want” Pandora stations.

“The banners use an advanced form of keyword targeting to determine what statement displays on what page, making them one of the first ever user-generated banner campaigns that is served contextually. This is all done real-time, using an application created specifically for the campaign. Volkswagen is also the first brand to utilize the ABC SuperSign’s “live interactivity” technology in Times Square. The technology allows two-way dialogue with passersby via SMS, allowing users to vote on polls from the central site database in real time with their mobile devices.”

SRC: http://tinyurl.com/3uurp5

Love the digital bill-board concept, integrating web, mobile and outdoor with consumer generate content!


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