Uniqlo’s Uniqlock

Awesome digital experience given to digital users by Uniqlo at their Clio winning site – http://www.uniqlo.jp/uniqlock/

The connection to the brand – all dancers are wearing Uniqlo clothes.

Talkability +, and an experience that users can engage with.

It’s a cool project….it consists of a downloadable clock which has cool music and video footage of people dancing in it for your desktop ot mobile.

You can download it through the download section and they also provide a Sema code whereby you can easily get a mobile download – it’s like a visual representation of a URL that your mobile phone can decrypt and link to a site. (Info about Sema codes here).

The colours and video changes and of course the time changes 😉

In the BlogParts section, you can post the clock widget to your Bebo, FaceBook, Igoogle, Myspace and consequently add your blog to the blog aggregator.

You can view the time in different countries using a map interface and access the blogs of people who have added the widget from all over the world via a map or grouped list

Quite neat I thought.

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