Social sites for new mums

I used to work for a publisher (Emap Australia – recently bought my ACP) who had a magazine and online site called Mother and Baby.

Unfortunately the management was only focussed on their portfolio of mens online properties (in alignment with their business KPI’s) so I couldn’t get resource to approve the building of a social networking site for new mums. As it goes, a few new mother social networking sites have since launched.

Mumtourage from Ivillage (to be launched soon) and BellyHood (launched this mothers day) are two new new mum social networking sites.

The Gen Y’ers having babes are mostly tech savvy and the older new mums are mostly career gals who are having kids in their 30’s – both very tech savvy and probably already familiar with other more general social networking sites like and

These mums are used to turning to the internet to get directions, find a beautician, email their friends, post their photos…so the web is the natural place to look for information on this new unfamiliar territory of motherhood….and what a fantastic platform for targeted advertising….

Additionally, new mums often feel isolated after having a child and what better place to communicate and share with like minded woman while bub is safely snoozing in the cot.

As I will keep saying…content is king….give them the content and consumers will come…especially content for the niche!

Unfortunately many in publishing are a little slow to realise the benefits of online! I used to work with many magazine people who looked down their noses at the often dis-proportionate online team, fearing that their beautiful glossy pages would be killed by the dreaded pixel.

Publishers, as custodian of content ,have the ability to EASILY create content driven communities and offer their advertisers a fantastic platform for highly targeted advertising.

That being said -many publishers are realising…finally!

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