The Brand Gap Slide Show

Have been a bit quiet lately as I have been working on an assignment for the Brand Strategy course at the AFA Ad school I am doing.

I did find this neat slide show called The Brand Gap on Slideshare by Marty Neumeier ( which I considered to be blog-worthy 🙂

It’s a summary of his book with the same title.

Key points I liked:

1. The Mantra for Innovators

2. Q: How do you know when an idea is innovative?

A: When it scares the HELL out of everybody

3. Logos are dead – symbols and avatars are much better

4. A good name is important

5. If you have a company web site – don’t bloat it with irrelevant information

How this happens:

TURFISMO = every department want to be on the homepage

FEATURITIS = inexperienced communicators believe more is better

TECHNOPHOBIA = Experienced communicators resist new media

Ask Youself:

6. VALIDATE ie bring the audience into the creative process

7. Focus groups were invented to focus the research not be the research

Testing is important! QUAL testing is best…

(a few quick testing examples are given to test your branding)

8. CULTIVATE – control the character of your brand not just the “look and feel”

Branding spans the entire company and consumer touch points

9. The full circle:

Check out the slide show for yourself!


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