The New Creativity in Agency-land

Post from Joseph Jaffe in on the “creative” function within agencies : Is it time to phase out the creative function?
Is it time to phase out the creative function? Why departments and dynamic duos no longer get the job done.

Some things I thought were good:

I really liked this next statement which includes consumer co-branding:

The new creativity is one in which every single person present at the party should be able to contribute — from the obvious or lowest-hanging media counterparts to account people to (gasp) clients. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Of course I’m also referring to consumers — from consumer-generated content to co-creation to advanced crowd-sourcing programs.”

He suggests “launch a creative-neutral discipline led by “creative generalists.”

He also highlights the need for blended skill sets within agencies – the 80% creative 20% technical “creative” staff member and the 80% technical and 20% creative “technical” person. This point I particularly agree with…people or teams like this are key, as are good planners and comm strategists when coming up with executions.

He maintains that creativity can not be embodied by distinct people within an organisation and thinks the word “creative” should be banned from all titles.

“…The new creativity is a brilliantly blank canvas that demands complete immersion and representation by all parties, platforms, technologies and approaches. It’s ours for the taking, but it will not be accessible via incrementalist and siloed thinking.”

The comments are a good read – there were 31 responses at the time of posting this.

One commenter recommended the book “Welcome to the Creative Age, Bananas, Business and the death of marketing” which discussed similar themes.


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