Wedia.Tv needs a hand

Great new site launching in 4-6 weeks needs a hand!

I found this post on Matt Masons blog the Pirates Dilemma:

“The new Wedia social network we’ve been working on these past six months is almost ready. We’ve been extremely fortunate to have an amazing web team work on turning Wedia into a space where non-profits, journalists, filmmakers and everyone else can connect to make meaningful media. You can check out the under construction page here to get a sense of what the new site will look like. Right now the map is linked to a fairly random news feed, but once we launch, non-profits will be able to locate journalists and film crews around the globe using the map, and the news they generate will also appear there.

We are expecting to have the real site up in about 4-6 weeks. We are looking for people and organizations interested in creating a profile and providing content for the launch. So, if you’re a non-profit and have video or photos about the work your organization does, get in touch. If you’re a filmmaker, a journalist (print or photo) or just a concerned citizen who wants to report about under-reported social justice, humanitarian or environmental news, or want to contribute in any other way, please contact myself or email emily[at]”

Circulate amongst your media savy/NGO loving pals….


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