HSBC Virtual Forest Project

A great online execution by HSBC for their Virtual Forest Project.

HSBC UK will plant one tree in an urban area for every 20 accounts that turn off their paper statements, and users can vote on where the trees are planted. The campaign asks users to log in and turn off their preference for paper statements.

HSBC saves money, less trees are logged, the UK gets new trees in urban areas…everyone wins.

You can also view a video podcast promoting awareness of the campaign, discussing the charity, and the importance of the project, the benefits of trees within the urban environments and some other advice on some other actions people can take which are good for the environment.

It’s a nicely designed Flash execution which involves ACTION.

The podcast describes actions the community can do to help the environment, the site asks customers to act by logging into their accounts and turning off their paper statements, and HSBC will act by planting trues.

The endorsement by the existing charity Trees For Cities helps authenticate the campaign…no green washing here….

Nice one….


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