More Agency Web 2.0 Home Pages

I posted on the new Modernista! site recently and I recently found another agency who have also engineered their homepage around existing web 2.0 sites.

This agency is based in the US and is called Zeus Jones.

Zeus jones site They have also posted some slide shows on (my new favourite site), one of which outlines their credentials and their positioning on digital marketing today.

According to their slide show they believe that “actions speak loader than words” and marketing needs to be used to do things for people not to say things to them, enabling “marketing as a service“.

Additionally they maintain that media fragmentation and digital technology enables marketers to easily deliver on this “service -like” approach.

Another slide show also on is from a conference they presented at where they discuss Marketing in a Web 2.0 World, and explain their marketing philosophy and the thinking behind their home page.

“We believe that interesting brands like interesting people need to be multidimensional”
Their name Zeus Jones is a “mash up that is meant to be a mash up” – classic and modern, powerful and practical, classic and modern etc.

It also sounds like a person and they have created a multi-dimensional persona for their brand all over the web utilising Web2.0 sites.

Their homepage links to their:

  • LinkedIn profile
  • Facebook profile
  • 43 Things profile
  • YouTube channel
  • Online Mii maker (where users can create their own avatars that represent Zeus Jones)
  • (thier own theme song)
  • a cooking blog where they put their favourite recipes
  • and more…..
  • This is a much more considered approach than the approach taken by Modernista!.

    It uses existing sites to help carve out their digital identity. They have participated and contributed to existing communities, differentiating themselves as an organisation, providing themselves with a well-rounded identity and digital footprint, and enabled conversations with members of various online communities.

    Furthermore, the rationale for their approach is clearly defined and also legitimised by their brand positioning and philosophies on digital marketing.

    Nice work!

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    1. Great find, and unique perspective on this crazy web world!

    2. phon said

      I love how these agencies have opened up their brands on the net. Many agencies are telling clients to embrace the new consumer-driven world but these examples show agencies truly walking the walk.

      ps. i heart slideshare too. I can’t believe the wealth of knowledge other people/companies are willing to share. It’s incredible.

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