What’s new in advertising and marketing

SlideShare | View | Great slide show by Paul Isakson.

Some salient points:

  • Advertising is dead. Marketing is not.
  • Focus on product innovation (Purple Cow concept)
  • Let your consumers help shape your product
  • Create Brand fans!
  • Product and marketing are one (Google, Starbucks)
  • Deliver value
  • Content is king
  • Bring utility (Nike +)
  • Create engagement (Coke zero game)
  • Use web 2.0 to bring in customer insight

A few points from here that I particularly liked was the notion of involving consumers in product innovation through web 2.0. There are a multitude of extremely cost effective ways to help marketers understand their consumers using web 2.0 sites. Insights gained are so value-able in NPD.

A book I read last year called Social Media Marketing by Larry Weber discussed how a diet company utilised an online social networking platform to help them get insights into how to position and market their brand. I really think there are so many opportunities to involve consumers online to help with marketing….both on and offline.

Something else I read on MediaPost this morning also had some interesting points. The post was inspired by Digitas Chairman and CEO David Kenny’s presentation at the recent Advertising Research Foundation’s Re:think 2008 conference in NY.

“To get a true sense of brand perception, Kenny encouraged the crowd of researchers to take 30 minutes each day to read blogs and other primary sources of consumer feedback instead of relying solely on tools that track brand buzz online.”

He described how researching the web uncovered a key customer insight which was instrumental for their branding efforts for a new beverage.

“Examining blog posts, and photo and videos posted to sites such as Flickr and YouTube, the agency discovered an unspoken affirmation among Spark fans which involved proudly sticking out an electric orange-colored tongue–a common side effect of drinking the stuff.

The campaign ended up incorporating much of the user-generated material inspired by Spark, making the outstretched orange-colored tongues a centerpiece of creative efforts in cross-media campaigns.”

Digital marketing really extends beyond “advertising” and can offer marketers so many opportunities and advantages on so many different levels!

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