Tap Project by UNICEF…some thoughts

I first heard about this project last year when it happened in its first incarnation in NY city.

It recently came up in conversation with some colleagues and I wanted to post some thoughts about this fantastic campaign.

Have a look at the video to get an idea about this project if you are not familiar with it.

I think this campaign is brilliant. While being a campaign in line with my own greeny/humanitarian tendencies it’s marketing execution is truly fantatastic.

It effectively re-brands an existing product and gets people to pay for something that is normally free AND promotes awareness about the issue it represents.

The awareness given is experiential and personal, and the objective/call to action is both immediate and easy.

Nothing new really takes place on a physical level as people drink tap water every day, however this whole experience is given new meaning on World Water Day when you pay your dollar for tap water in a branded glass.

The results:
Estimated Media Reach: 80 million people (Nielsen)
Web pages: 1,140,000+ (Google)
Estimated earnings from the TAP project: $5.5 million (UNICEF)
Days of water provided to children: 1,700,000 and counting (UNICEF)
Costs to UNICEF: $0

(src: Positive Communication blog)

More about last years campaign on LaMaguerite blog

More about the campaign and interviews with different contributing agencies for the coming 2008 campaign can be found here

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