Modernista new site

Agency Modernista have redeveloped their website using existing web 2.0 tools.

It is a very interesting approach and a cheap one…

Why reinvent the wheel when web 2.0 tools are so easy to utilize?

They use Flickr and to show off their work, their about page links to Wikipedia and FaceBoook, on FaceBook they have a twitter feed and flickr stream, news links to a google search where you can read exactly what people are saying about their site!

The only custom part of the site is a very minimal menu floated on the top left and a little panel that states:


Wkipedia is not impressed with this site and have put the following text on their wiki page which is also the agencies home page!

“The website for this company obscures our logo with their own, and may lead the viewer to believe that Wikipedia serves as their homepage provider. This is not correct. Wikipedia has no affiliation with Modernista and has requested that Modernista cease this use of our website.Wikipedia is an encyclopaedia written from a neutral point of view and does not endorse nor condemn Modernista, but is opposed to being used as a promotional mechanism in this manner for any third party.”

This site is a bit nuts… very web2.0…very brave….a bit confronting…but cool…..and weird…..but definitely remarkable…..

10 points for talk-worthiness…… in truely open web 2.0 style.

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