JetBlue on Twitter

I am interested in micro-blogging and Twitter and how businesses and organisations can use this technology.

I stumbled upon a post on Socialised blog that discusses how a NY airline called JetBlue’s is using Twitter. (Worth a quick read)

Jet Blue use twitter to open up a dialogue with their followers posting relevant information to consumers like weather updates effecting flights and enabling people to ask questions and provide feedback to the business.

The Corporate Communications manager said about the initiative: “It’s not marketing, it’s trying to engage on a level other than mass broadcast, something I personally believe more companies should try to do.”

“Not every corporate social media initiative will be satisfied with engagement alone. JetBlue is in uncharted skies. Morgan and JetBlue have shown a true willingness to engage in a real conversation alongside the company’s promotional tweets, and I think that’s how successful corporate social media has to play out.” (SRC:

See what Jeremiah lists as the essential twitter tools of the moment.
Tweetscan seems particularly cool to see what da peeps on twitter are saying about your brand.
Some more links from Jeremiah about twitter here and here.

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