Zoom Zoom Zoom – Mazda

On the Mazda web site on the About Mazda page, Mazda’s defines their phrase “Zoom Zoom Zoom” as

What is Zoom Zoom Zoom? All children instinctively know it. A few adults still remember it. At Mazda we refuse to outgrow it. In grown up words it means the emotion of motion.
We call it Zoom-Zoom.”

There is a fantastic video on the site portraying Mazda’s brand essence which beautifully communicates the ‘emotion of motion’.

Mazda have taken a fundamentally emotional approach in their branding which is fundamentally different from the functional focus many other car brands tend to take.

While often containing beautiful imagery, with rolling country sides, or glaciers, and smooth motion in slick cars, or discussion about air bags, most car ads are pretty high on the snooze meter….in my humble opinion. (Being a female who is not into cars can’t help either!)

I recently stumbled upon this different emotionally engaging approach by Mazda and thought it was worth a mention.

By the way….I love comments on my blog – Any thoughts on this? Any other examples perhaps? Anyone… 😉

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  1. jason said

    you nailed it. I’ll pass along the note to the agency (W.B. Doner) strategy team behind this brand essence video. glad you were able to find it on the web site and glad you appreciate it.

  2. Phon said

    I think the strategy behind ‘Zoom zoom’ is brilliant and it’s great place for Mazda to position themselves.

    It’s a shame the bulk of Mazda’s marketing doesn’t do justice to its brand essence. Compared to other automakers, Mazda’s marketing (particularly online) is pretty bland.

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