Chrysler opens a conversation with it’s consumers

US brand Chrysler are planning on recruiting a virtual panel for online market research initiatives through their new site being launched in April.

Adage discussed this in an article titled: Chrysler Ready to ‘Listen’ on New Site.

The site will enable people over 18 with a driving license to sign up to the community whereby they can be used by Chrysler to get valuable market research.

Chrysler’s chief marketing officer Deborah Wahl Meyer describes the initiative as:

“a different way to be close to our customers and our future customers” without doing physical focus groups, she said. “We call it on-demand customer collaboration.”

The market research functionality is important but perhaps more important is the opportunity for Chrysler to increase it’s customers brand loyalty as participants feel like they are heard, are important and that they are contributing to product improvements.

Chrysler has in effect opened up a conversation with it’s consumers.

It’s a great initiative and I am curious to see how it goes.

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  1. Phon said

    That’s really interesing. Automakers worldwide have traditonally been at the forefront of digital, in my opinion. It’s a shame Aussie auto marketers aren’t as brave 😦

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