The Advertiser Addictionary

The Advertiser Addictionary is a curious little site which is a Wiki where users can invent their own”werds”.

It’s own definition for itself states:

“Made-up words are popping up in TV commercials and print ads – you’ll even hear them on the radio. Got a werd you think could sell a product? Maybe you’re part of the ad game and need some inspiration? This is the place for you! Who knows…your werd just might become part of a nationally-televised ad campaign…better yet, see it aired during Super Bowl XLIII! In this biz, it could happen;) “

Some funny little definitions I found include:

A Twittiot (noun) A person who’s Twitter messages are consistently worthless, uninformative and not amusing.

Craptastic (adjective) Engaging or compelling by virtue of being extremely bad and/or unprofessional. Typically used to describe media content, especially television programming. [Also see “craptacular.”]

          WiiTard (noun) An individual that cannot manage to hold on to a Wii remote, let alone use it properly.

Egonomics (noun) Monthly spending on beauty and fashion.

The site has community features including rating, adding pix, and comments…go on what are you waiting for!



  1. Phon said

    haha that’s too funny. I’m proud to say I’ve never made up words in any of my ads :p

  2. jacqueline said

    Come on Phon – be a good netizen and add to the wiki…I am sure you have a number of werds you could add!

  3. Phon said


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