The effect of ads on the human brain

brain-full.gifI just read a very interesting article in Adweek called “Mind Over Matter -New tools put brands in touch with feelings“.

It describes how several high-tech firms, including EmSense, NeuroFocus, and OTX Research and Innerscope, have introduced portable devices to measure biometric feedback to help advertisers measure the effects of their ads.

Coke became a client of Emsense last year who helped them decide which ads to display at the Superbowl based on their brainwave and biometric testing.

These devices can test:

“how quickly consumers pay attention to an ad (speed of engagement); how their emotions track positively and negatively throughout the course of the ad; and how they respond to specific branding”

The article, interestingly states that

“A March 2007 report from a joint task force of the American Association of Advertising Agencies and the Advertising Research Foundation concluded that the traditional “think-feel-do model of how advertising works is incorrect,” given new insights about the human brain’s decision-making processes. “Emotional reactions not only come first, they facilitate memory and influence actions,” the report said.””

Emotional engagement is key and can be measured…
(The article does assert though that this form of testing should be used in combination with more tradition forms of testing).


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