What is Sexy Campaign

KY brand have created a campaign in time for Valentines Day called “What is Sexy”.

Users can enter their own opinion on what is sexy and the site automatically includes their sentiment. It also links through to a Flickr group/page where the public can upload photos reflecting “What is Sexy”. From the Flickr page:


Keep Life Sexy is a place to express your own sexy mantra. With your help we’re going to create a new attitude about sexy and begin a whole new K-Y® Brand. And with this new attitude will come a new look, and more importantly, some new – and revolutionary – products designed with you in mind.

Think of this Valentine’s Night as the beginning. Starting with a chance to stand up and shout to the world: “SEXY IS _____!”



Consumers can also request a free sample and be in the running to win a romantic getaway.

This campaign reminded me of some content in a book I recently read by Larry Weber called Marketing to the Social Web: How Digital Customer Communities Build Your Business. I found this book really on the money and Larry had some useful insights which he communicated very effectively.

I will blog about this book another time but something he talked about was getting consumers to engage with and help shape a brand. This campaign is a good example of a brand inviting users to enagage with and help shape their brand.

Not only that, but it is also a cost effective way of gaining a relevant array of copy and imagery representative of the brand communities perceptions of the brands core value.

I think KY have used an effective strategy to help them redefine their brand based on the contributions of a living breathing (and sometimes panting) community.


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