Climate Risk Group

I have been quite fortunate to be contracting with a really great group of people at the Digital Eskimo agency in Surry Hills.

Dave Gravina and his eskimos do a lot of really great work for clients such as WWF, Amnesty, New Matilda and other NGO groups.
(Dave was also integral to the recent and extremely successful Raise the Bar campaign.)
It is extremely rewarding to hear the nattering and workshopping of solid marketng ideas for such great organisations.

That being said, our Friday drink wrap ups meetings have also been quite interesting.

Last week I met Gareth Johnston who works for a group called Climate Risk.
Gareth informed us of some of the interesting work this group does.

Amongst other things, they are trying to get smart policy and positive environmental action implemented through identifying corporate risk and also revealing revenue generating opportunites that climate change could yield within the board rooms of large businesses.

“Climate change risks are broad and may affect every aspect of your business. To survive you will need to assess the impacts of climate change on fixed assets and future capital investments. We can lessen the impacts on operations through our business continuity management systems. To thrive, you will need to use strategic foresight to hunt emerging opportunities. We have a number of in house prospecting tools to increase your ability to capture opportunities…..At Climate Risk we take a systems approach to identifying and managing climate change risks which means that we look at the interconnections between impacts and effects to create an overarching understanding of the risks and opportunities for any business.”(from their site)

They have recently been working on a proposal for Telstra. You can review a document they created for Telstra entitled “Towards a High Bandwidth Low Carbon Future“.

There is a lot of stats and graphs in this paper that demonstrate how bad things actually are.

Spread the word to any businesses you may know who could be interested.

They work with businesses of many sizes both in Australia and globally.


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  1. Thanks Jax! We were fortunate to be working with you as well! thanks for all your help,


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