Shame on You Yahoo!

From an email I recieved from a girlfriend abandoning her Yahoo Email accont

“LA Times front page article, “YAHOO TAKEN TO TASK OVER CHINA“, which outtraged and disgusted me. 

At the demand of theChinese government, Yahoo willingly revealed the identity of a  journalist who’d posted an email protesting human rights violations. The man was immediately arrested by the Chinese government and thrown into jail with a TEN YEAR sentence! 

Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang simply bowed tothe young man’s mother, who appeared on his behalf at a Washington hearing on the case.  She wept through it. 

Jerry Yang and the slimes at Yahoo have refused to offer any kind of financial assistance to the journalist’s family, nor to appeal to the Chinese government for his release.  Meanwhile a good man rots in a Chinese prison.  Goodbye Yahoo, I’m done.”

Censorship in China is full on.

I recently was suprised to read the FaceBook status of a friend of mine living in Shanghai rejoicing at the fact that he could now watch YouTube?!



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