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Posted by Grant McKracken in a post titled
Nike + and the creation of private and public consumer value

Bit busy to write much at the mo – so will just have to borrow Grants thoughts below…..

” Here’s how it works: I put a chip in my (Nike) running shoe. This broadcasts information to the iPod nano I carry with me on the run. I come home from a run (more usually, a walk) and my iPod uploads my running information to the Nike website where it is aggregated with all the other running/walking data uploaded by all the other runners and walkers in America.”

“…See the image insert. (Clicking on it will make it easier to read.) This describes my walk for yesterday. The line represents the moments I sped up and slowed down. It appears that I came to a dead stop at one point. I have no idea what happened there. Mooning over flowers, possibly? You can see the overall distance. Along the top are my accumulated stats. As I say, I am walking on most trips, so that’s why the mile per hour figure is so large.

One way to understand this innovation is to look at the private and public value it creates.

Exercise is lonely, painful, and boring. And this is enough to discourage most people from doing it faithfully (or at all). Nike + can’t actually do anything about the painful part, but it gets at lonely and boring very effectively. It allows everyone to devote their miles to challenges.

This means, for instance, that everyone on the South side of Chicago can now use their miles to compete against everyone on the North side of Chicago. The Nike + works as a vast spread sheet. It sums all the runs. At the end of every day, you can watch your run uploaded and you can see who’s winning the challenges you belong to.

That’s an incentive that may launch a couch potato out of the house. If our runner is just running for himself, well, the temptation to remain housebound is strong. But if he is now running for everyone on the South side of Chicago, and his team now happens to be just a few hundred miles from acing those North side numskulls, it’s a different proposition altogether.

The private value is that I exercise more. The public value is that I now “belong” to and participate with collectivities that would otherwise not much interest me. This is a kind of mechanized networking of the kind we see more and more of.

Talk about engagement.  Talk about partnering with the consumer! Talk about brand and consumer cocreating.  Geez, Louise, this is good marketing


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