Viacoms Flux platform

A post on Flux here:Viacom and Tagworld launch Flux platform
[MarketClusters – 14 Sep 2007]

It seems Viacom are noticing the need for portablility of identity between different social networks/communities with their Flux platform.

In providing a platform which multiple groups can create online communites upon, a portablilty of identity results.

Article: Viacom’s Flux Has its First Major Tenant ThinkMTV

ThinkMTV is a new social networking site built on it’s parent companys’ Viacom’s Flux platform.

“Flux will allow users to move their profile pages across different communities and social networks, allegedly with just one click, as long as these networks are members of Flux. Flux will encompass all MTV sites and so far 20 external partners have agreed to join the platform…The move reflects the partners’ belief that increasingly, web users will flock to smaller niche websites rather than to large portals or networks

We’re not trying to own a social network, build one, or compete with one,” MTV Networks CEO Judy McGrath tells Fortune magazine. “We’re embracing them all.”

NOTE: An example of a Flux community here 


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