Review of Mash!

The Assumptions That Yahoo Mash And Other Social Networks Make About You

by Scott Karp

Review of Mash! – Yahoo’s new social networking tool:

He thinks it is for a younger demographic with an emphasis on play.

Your friends can edit your profile and many of the profile questions emphasis individual quirkiness ( a generation Y thing).

You can however categorise your friends into friends and best friends – which is missing on facebook.

“The problem is that there are too many one-size-fits-all social networks for having fun and socializing. Yahoo has millions of users, and will probably be able to draw a lot of those in to play around with Mash — with the emphasis on PLAY.

I’m not saying play isn’t a good thing (unless you’re doing too much of it on company time), but all play and no work will make a lot of people over 25 wonder why they need one more playground.”



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