Mercedes Benz Search and Send service

Interesting use of a map mashup and the development of another technology bridging the gap between the virtual world and the mobile device (a mobile device in its true-est sense….a car!!!)

“Mercedes-Benz Search & Send1 is a new and convenient way to plan your trip destinations ahead of time. Using familiar Yahoo!® Local Maps and Google Maps web sites from the comfort of your home or office computer, you can search for a destination online, then send it right to your Mercedes-Benz.

Once you’re in your vehicle, simply push the i-button and your destination will be downloaded directly to the vehicle’s navigation system via your Mercedes-Benz Tele Aid System2. You’ll be prompted to either start route guidance immediately or save the information for later use in your navigation memory. Instead of spending time inputting data into your navigation system, your destinations will be available whenever you need them.”


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