virtual worlds for gen-yers

Found some interesting articles on virtual worlds for youth and tweens…and some interesting virtual worlds.

It seems that Virgin/EMI have explored virtual concerts – here in and MTV have their own virtual world happening too… have the coke studios virtual hang…where you can create your own studio, hang with your virtual buds…and mix music.

Interesting article here: Virtual Worlds Aren’t Just for Reaching Adults Anymore

This article acknowledges that interaction with these youth centric virtual worlds is quite small, but it does note that their popularity is growing.

It speaks of the importance of engaging this demographic,

“The biggest problem you face with actually addressing teens today is they’ve been the target of the world’s most sophisticated marketing campaigns since they were babies,” said Littlefield. “Anything that you bring to advertise to them too obviously really doesn’t work.”

He speaks of the importance of “engagement” with this demographic (this has been discussed alot in the marketing blogosphere).

“It’s really reaching these tweens the way they want to be reached, but giving them something to do while interacting with the advertisers message, as opposed to passively receiving the advertisers message,” said Numedeon’s Goss.”

“The first thing to do is spend a significant amount of time in that virtual world,”…. To not add a virtual world to your media mix is the same as saying you don’t know where your audience is…”

This site lists and reviews virtual worlds if you are interested. Virtual Worlds Review


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  1. Big A said

    Another not-made-for-adults virtual world I would add to the list is

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