Twitter join with MTV – for MTV Video Music Awards

 Micro-blogging app Twitter yields short, sweat, frequent behind the scenes goss for music fans for the MTV Video Music awards

Wired blog post “Twitter teams up with MTV for Video Music Awards” scheduled to air september

“The VMA Twitter page currently has over 360 followers and MTV has already installed a Twitter widget on its site here where you can read the updates from the awards  “

Funnily enough I had just finished reading an article by Clive Thompson in July Wired called “This Just In: I’m Twittering – How a social network app turns trivial updates into your posse’s sixth sense”

In summary:

Clive Thompson likens twitter relationships to a type of “social proprioception” where a procpriception is “your body’s ability to know where your limbs are“…leading to physical coordination

He claims that “Twitter and other constant – contact media create social proprioception. They give a people a sense of itself making possible wierd, fascinating feats of coordination. ….

A buddy list isn’t just a vehicle to chat with friends but a way to sense their presence. Are they available to talk? Have they been away?”

which he likens to ESP.


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