Where are the Joneses?


Interesting concept: The web wiki states

“Welcome to the Where are the Joneses? wiki site. Where are the Joneses? is a daily comedy, shot entirely for the web and it’s very funny. (To see the films go here).

But the best thing about Where are the Joneses? Is that it’s written by the Where are the Joneses? community. It’s written by you!

Here you can propose broad outlines for episodes, or even scenes within episodes.
If it makes you laugh it might make us laugh. And if we laugh it might get picked up by our crew.”


It utilises many available web 2.0 (free) technologies.

– Add to the script or submit ideas to the show via it’s wiki.

– It’s daily videos are hosted on YouTube

– Has a blog

– Has a Wiki page

– Has a Twitter feed

– Yields embeddable widgets

– It utilises Flickr and has it’s own FaceBook group…

– Platial / MapKit (utilising Google maps) mashup with embeddable widget

– Under a Creative Commons license

And it’s sponsored by Ford….

it seems the car companies are innovating in their marketing spend….


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